Dear colleagues,
Dear collaborators,

I have the great pleasure of inviting you to the twenty-fifth edition of the National Congress of the Romanian Society of Pneumology, to be held in Poiana Brasov between October 31 and November 3, 2018.
It will be an opportunity for high-level scientific meetings, exchanges of ideas, but also for paradigm shifts, to strengthen old friendships and start new ones.
At the same time, the current edition will be a milestone on the road that we are going together for the next two years.
In recent years, we have designed and built, step by step, a multidisciplinary approach to the patient with respiratory pathology, seen through the eyes of many medical specialists.
"Quo vadis?" We ask you 2 years ago.
A new approach, a new way to go. Built together. Pneumologists along with all our colleagues from other specialties. To the practical use of technological resources and conceptual exchanges, for the immediate benefit of our patients. We are proposing one more step for this Congress edition-we will promote not only a multidisciplinary approach, but we will bring along with us new specialists outside of the medical field.
"Lung and air quality: a new frontier" is the motto of the current edition.
The road continues, we will cross new frontiers, we will understand the need for simple things and perennial values: clean air, collaboration, dialogue.

We are waiting for you,
Ruxandra Ulmeanu
Congressional President
President of the Romanian Society of Pneumology


Cursuri Pre-Congres


Medic primar - 50 lei

Medic specialist - 25 lei

Asistenți medicali - fără taxă

Rezident/medic senior/student - fără taxă

*Fiecare participant va putea opta pentru maxim 2 cursuri(1 dimineață, 1 după-amiază). Această alegere se face la afișarea programului și veți fi înștiințat de secretariatul organizatoric.



Până la 30.06.2018

Membru titular SRP - 350 lei

Nemembru SRP - 570 lei

Medic rezident (membru SRP)*- 50 lei

Medic rezident (nemembru SRP)* - 150lei

Asistent medical (membru SRP)* - 50 lei

Asistent medical (nemembru SRP)* - 120 lei

Persoană însoțitoare** - 175 lei

Medic senior/student - fără taxa



Până la 31.09.2018

Membru titular SRP - 530 lei

Nemembru SRP - 750 lei

Medic rezident (membru SRP)* - 180 lei

Medic rezident (nemembru SRP)* - 330 lei

Asistent medical (membru SRP)* - 180 lei

Asistent medical (nemembru SRP)* - 230 lei

Persoană însoțitoare** - 380 lei

Medic senior/student - fără taxă



După 31.09.2018 și
în timpul Congresului

Membru titular SRP -630 lei

Nemembru SRP - 850 lei

Medic rezident (membru SRP)* - 230 lei

Medic rezident (nemembru SRP)* - 430 lei

Asistent medical (membru SRP)* - 230 lei

Asistent medical (nemembru SRP)* - 280 lei

Persoană însoțitoare** - 470 lei

Medic senior/student - fără taxă



*Low Tax Participants:

  • Applicants for the low enrollment fee must attach a document (scanned in pdf or jpeg) to the registration form. otherwise, the reduced fee does not apply.
  • The declared Quality attestation may be evidence of the status of Resident Doctor / Student / Medical Nurses or Senior (Senior Doctor).
  • The fee to be paid (Resident/ Student /Medical Nurses) will be the one that corresponds to the period when the certificate will be sent along with the registration.

**No access to the scientific program.

  • Congressional folders and congressional materials will not be distributed to congressional entries.
  • Registration fees for participants include:
    • access to scientific sessions and workshops
    • Congressional map of scientific materials
    • badge
    • access to the medical exhibition area
    • Access to the Opening Ceremony and the Welcome Cocktail.
    • Lunch on October 31 (for those who pay the pre-congress fee), November 1 and 2
  • Registration fees for accompanying persons include:
    • Access to the Opening Ceremony and the Welcome Cocktail
    • Access to the medical exhibition area;
    • Lunch on November 1 and 2

Congress venue

Piatra Mare Hotel

Poaiana Brasov

Information about the city of Brasov and near places


It is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. Located in the heart of Transylvania at the crossroads of all roads and surrounded by superb mountain landscapes combines the medieval charm with the buzzing a modern city.
At the beginning of the 13th century, the Saxons (the German population) colonized the region of Brasov, putting here the foundations of a strong Romanian community and developing a unique German influence on the city. The central point of the city is in Piata Sfatului, where the most famous attraction of the city is the Black Church (built in 1383).
During the Habsburg siege on the city, in 1689, a fire blackened the walls of the church and killed 3000 people, thus getting the name of the Black Church.Strada Sforiire one of the city's curiosities being considered to be the narrowest street in Eastern Europe (measuring between 111-135 cm wide and 80 m long).
The first Romanian school, built in 1495 in the Brasov district, has become a cultural center and place where the first chronicles in Romanian were written, the first Romanian grammar book and were printed the first books in Latin.

Tourist attractions near Brasov

Near the town of Brasov you will discover towering mountains, frequent forests and villages with beautiful fortified churches.

Poiana Brasov

It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the country. Due to the area in which it is located and a the beauty of the landscape, the resort was called "Poiana Soarelui". It is surrounded by 4 large massifs Mountains: Postavarul, Piatra Craiului, Bucegi and Piatra Mare. The resort is famous for the charm of mountain trails, winter sports and superb panoramas can be admired by a cable car ride to the top of Postavaru. Poiana Brasov is an oasis of tranquility for all categories of tourists able to offer a wide range of agreement in all seasons.


It is a village located 30 kilometers away from Brasov, where it is located Bran castle. The castle became famous after the Irish writer Bram Stoker named Dracula's Castle in his famous book. The Bran Castle was first documented in 1377. Today it hosts the Bran Museum, where objects from ceramics, furniture, weapons and armor. The castle also owns a Bram Stoker room where it is presented the legend of Vlad Tepes (also known as Vlad the Drac), and the myth of Dracula.


It is a tourist village located 47 km away from Brasov, between the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains on the natural corridor Rucar - Bran. Being located at 1304 m altitude, the highest point of a populated area Romania, Fundata offers many picturesque views.


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